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Rural Urban Fringe development is that style of development, which is within the servicing catchments and in close proximity to an urban centre. It may have reticulated water and in fact may have reticulated sewerage although most effluent disposal will be on site. It will also have a garbage service. The lot size is generally in the range of 4000 square metres to 1 hectare and it is in "estate" style of development.
Rural Living development is a residential use of the land within a rural environment. It is not necessarily near an existing urban centre and does not have reticulated water or any other form of service, which would generally be provided in a rural residential zone or urban centre. The density in Wollondilly is one dwelling per 4 hectares with a minimum of 2 hectares and any subdivision must be carried out having due regard to the constraints of the land It is important to separate the uses from conflicting with each other and as such in the rural living zone intensive agriculture is prohibited and rural residential lots can not be established in the agriculture zone.

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